News & Updates


Some interesting projects to mention, as well as a few cool things on the horizon…

  • New York Times bestselling author Lauren Kate asked me to write some Vivaldi-style vocal pieces for the audio-book of “The Orphan’s Song,” a historical fiction novel available now on Random House in various formats here.

  • The pieces themselves can be listened to and downloaded on Bandcamp.

  • Ane Crabtree, costume designer for The Handmaid’s Tale, among many other projects, approached me about writing some music for a presentation she gave at the most recent Design Indaba conference in South Africa. You can listen to that music here.

  • The full soundtrack for comedy Goodnight Alta Vista can be listened to here.

  • A short video for the Audubon Society, animated by Zev Chavat, posted to Vimeo. You’ll need this password: audubon2019.

  • Currently finishing up work on Angela Tucker’s horror/comedy short Landline.

  • Les Mahoney’s long-awaited road-trip feature Asian Treasure will be released quite soon…with a soundtrack shortly to follow.


Doing the music for the new “Talk to Me, Talk to Me” podcast by Dr. James and Dr. Sunny, a combination of pop culture, comedy, and psychiatry, available here.

Also working on a couple of very interesting projects that will be coming out soon…some classical music for an upcoming Random House audio-book release, as well as a spot for the National Audubon Society. Stay tuned!


Recently completed work on a jazzy score for Goodnight Alta Vista, a short comedy written and directed by Josh Adwar.

Click this link to hear the opening music.


The soundtrack from Roy Hurst’s short film Survivor 9 is now available at Bandcamp:


Excited to finally be attending the Los Angeles Film Festival. I really had no excuse to miss it this time around…most of the events are taking place a few miles from my place. Saw a program of shorts last night—really impressed. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of movies over the next seven or eight days.

As for Asian Treasure, keep an eye out for the release of the soundtrack. Les is currently hard at work on the post production, and the film should be out soon.

Also eager to delve into a new web series produced by (and starring) my brother, Rob Franco, entitled “Dragonfly,” a spoof of the 70s/80s private-detective genre.


Currently hard at work on another feature for Les Mahoney entitled "Asian Treasure." Looking to be done by the beginning of the summer.

Also excited to have been a part of Survivor 9,  written and directed by Roy Hurst, which recently played to rave reviews at the 2018 Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles.


In the end stages of writing music for Roy Hurst’s Survivor 9 and am about to begin work on Les Mahoney’s new dramatic feature, Asian Treasure.

Also keep your eyes peeled for Angela Tucker’s Intersection, currently making the festival rounds.


Lots of interesting stuff in the works.

First, Available is now, well, available for viewing at the following places:

  * Google Play
  * Amazon

The score can be heard (and downloaded) on Bandcamp.

Second, a comedy feature that I wrote music for, Tiny Dancers, written and directed by Patrick Russell, is starting to make the festival rounds. Keep an eye out.

Third, I'm about to start collaborating once more with my good friend Roy Hurst on his new movie Survivor 9.

And last but not least, my old Bump City compatriot Jimmie Williams has recently launched Cue UP Music, a music agency and production company with multiple recording studios in NYC and Los Angeles, and has asked me, along with talented percussionist Madhu Siddappa, to come on board. More to come on this front!


Well underway on Available...sounding good thus far, and hoping to have this wrapped up (with tracks to share) in a few weeks...


Getting set to write the score this summer for Les Mahoney's new thriller, Available. More soon...


Currently composing some music for a teaser in preparation to raise funds for my good friend Roy Hurst's latest project. Stay tuned...